Korvi Rakshand | JAAGO Foundation

Korvi Rakshand

Executive Director


  • Location Dhaka
  • Gender Male
  • Organization JAAGO Foundation
  • Program or Department 10 Causes, 17 Events


Korvi attained a Diploma in Law from the University of London (2004-2005) and a subsequent L.L.B. Honors (2005-2007). During the tenure of his Undergraduate studies, he worked as a Student Coordinator, Marketing Assistant, Event Manager so on and so forth for big names such as the London Metropolitan University. His earliest formal introduction to development work came during his time as a Project Director for ‘The Dhaka Project’.

In 2007, Korvi left behind the comfortable life and many other privileges that came along with one’s birth in a well to do household. He set out towards something more meaningful than what his society status could offer. Along with a group of young students, Korvi founded the JAAGO Foundation. The JAAGO Foundation today is dedicated to the betterment of underprivileged and poverty-stricken communities of Bangladesh.

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