Safina Anjum | JAAGO Foundation

Safina Anjum

Deputy Manager


  • Location Dhaka
  • Gender Female
  • Organization JAAGO Foundation
  • Program or Department Founders Office


Safina Anjum works as a Creative Communication officer in JAAGO since 2014. She has completed her Bachelors in Architecture from American International University-Bangladesh. For a prolonged period of time Safina has pursued her ambition to build architectural mausoleums, motivated by the phenomenal architectural structures of the world. However, she has foreseen that her ambition has started to grow dim. Safina was exasperated when she started to witness the truth of poverty and other underdeveloped endowments. JAAGO has been the gateway to broaden her horizon in order to implement her aspirations and yearning towards working for Bangladesh.

‘All around me I see poverty and hardship and I am unable to do anything to help them in any possible way. An ambition of building structures seems pallid in comparison to the struggles of daily life that these helpless people have to put up with. Which is why, I have decided to abandon my previous dream and adopted a new one. A dream of making a change. I joined Jaago Foundation and I truly found my platform. I found an urge to pay heed to a calling from the poverty striken people of Bangladesh, that is far nobler than the ambition what I initially followed’

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